Thursday, April 23, 2009

wonder who is this ??? hahahahah

It's my dad !
wow i never expect my dad will look like this, 30 years ago.
found this at my grandmother's house.
when i came home, mum said there's a picture of my dad when he was 18
i didn't bother much until i saw it with my own eyes
goshhh so kacak wehhhh!
not kidding. (i'm not lying)

30 years later....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

i feel sorry for my blog.
anyway, sports day just ended yesterday.

Friday, January 30, 2009

CNY Happenings

25th, Reunion Dinner

went to uncle's house for reunion dinner where everybody gather there to makan.

yummy food
this is the kids' table which is always less food and ive been sitting for many years until now >.<

1st day of CNY
weeee GONG HEI FATT CHOY i received my 1st angpao from my dad. had an extra one from him cuz of my pmr results. now only give -.-

this is fj. later went to uncle's house to pailin
had lunch there and went JJ with bro. together with tc, wk and syafil. saw my form1 junior Effa in the food court. hahaha i made her say hi to them. she's like sesated. aiya lupa to take her picture pulak.

went back at 7.30 to granny's house

from left: youngest uncle, bro, youngest aunt, granny, oldest aunt, me, from top: Edward, Bernard ( both cousins and oldest aunt's sons)

2nd day of CNY
went to kl to meet my mum. this time we stayed in a hotel instead of mum's place. since its CNY wor and its also next to my mum's working place. wahahaha stayed in JW Mariott Hotel for just rm115 per night because of the YTL staff privileges. normal price its about 400-500bux per night =P

swimming pool. looks like the sims eh? hahaha


dad watching tv.
after mandi-ing went opposite, Pavilion to shop. saw this GOLDEN OX. omg must take pic ! and my dad's zodiac is ox ^^

zzzz ignore me. mind the ox.
went back to hotel and waited for mum to bring FOOD! she brought back some japanese rice &&& Teriyaki Grilled Chicken. damn hou sik !
tasty teriyaki drumstick.
brushed teeth and went tidur.

3rd day of CNY
had breakfast at one of the coffee shops in Jln Imbi.

i ate the RM 6 minced pork kaoy teow soup.
checked out from hotel and went to my mum's hometown, Pahang to visit my grandma. many kids there and im the OLDEST =.= its so heart broken that my youngest cousin lupa who am i already.

this is the 4 yrs old small kid which i sayang most but lupa me.

mum's legs, grandma's female puppy named ah lee
played fire crackers at night with those kids. more like jaga-ing them than playing. sheesh

4th day of CNY
had lunch then packed stuff to go back to Ipoh.
collected lotsa angpaos! all damn tebal wahahaha and claimed my 1.5k from my uncle. so, what more can i say for this yr's CNY :D
expecting more to come. 1 shot open all of them more THRILLING & SYOK

* will update more cuz tonight me open hse*


Friday, January 23, 2009

Not Wasted

a little bit of CNY mood here.
mum bought me this during 2007 hahaha

but i never bother about it nor wearing it before & i thought of giving it back to her .
such fool. its GUESS la what's with me when i was form 2.
shit im getting more materialistic!
*maybe its tooo red and i don't like it*
but i didnt give my mum and drag it for such a long time.
until the other day took it out and i try it.
i simply like the gold polka dots red flats. hahaha

ignore the size please.

luckily i didnt give it back to her.
cause im going to wear it for this year's CNY!
tak payah beli.

Installation Day 09

Installation Day. lame
wore a red ribbon to get installed as a band member.
i've forgotten to look at the camera when i was receiving my tag. arghhhh
had photo session after that. what a mess !
goshh too fired up until no mood to smile
+ muka tak cantik.
congrats to laimay, karpor and kangye because they are oficially prefects now.
woohooo see them wearing red blazer, skirts and ties. hehehe

During Chemistry:-
teenwei: haih shu qi, 1 week break le cannot see you
shu qi: you very miss me meh
khaiwern: i dont want to see shu qi. see her means got school.
mun wai: *sesated and left out in her own world*

strange. im starting to hate school. probably because of the homework.
staybacked and cleaned some stuff.
after that,
i had free fishballs from the fishball uncle today.
together with karpor we both robohkan his stall.
haha those small girls belanja them also don't want.
do i look like a con jie jie ?

1 week break. no see teacher. no come homework!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another one from Jeffery

Rules : You cannot answer the questions by repeating the previous answer

State 5 facts of yourself that people know
- complains and nags a lot
- very shy person which don't talk, at 1st
- hate doing homework but quickly complete it in the class right after the teacher left
- pms easily
- i eat non stop -.-

State 5 facts that people don't know
- i plan a lot
- i seem to look happy but im actually not
- i dont feel grateful at times
- i'm actually soft hearted haha.
- i love histories

State 5 bad things about yourself
- Slacker
- Lack of self confidence
- Dislike cleaning up as in chores and etc
- am a very stubborn person
- i mind how people think of me

State 5 good things about yourself
- i mean my promises
- have very good memory
- likes to joke around and laugh a lot
- i appreciate those i call, friends
- punctuality is one of my principle

Now Tag 5 people
- TC ( he never do my tags before)
- WK ( he also never do my tags before! )
- TW ( deskmate must tag)
- Chiyan ( never tag her before)
- Jeffery ( purposely mau tag him again)

Monday, January 19, 2009

4sc2 ---> 4sc3

changed classroom and classname.
i hate 4sc3, it sucks.
the class and its name =P
gotten a new class teacher, Miss Joyce !
she's pretty &&& quite tall.
most important, young and studied in MGS too !
she's from 5sc1, 1998
yeah, she goes to Mr.Velu for Physics tuition when she was still doing her SPM/
she is going to teach us Biology and Modern Math.
ohh thank god not cik liana anymore ! don't know what the hell is she teaching.

but im gonna miss Miss Goh, former Mgsian too heheh. she's nice. just a temporary teacher.
life's hard. i've got 3 tuitions per week. omg this is the 1st time im having SO MANY tuitions.
i go for:

Monday 4.30-6.45: Tmn Ipoh, Mr. Ng - Physics
Tuesday 4.30-6.30: Steven, Addmath
Thursday 2.45-4.15: Pusat Tuition AAA, L.C Tan- Chemistry.

i need bm !